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Prayer of the Faithful

Prayer of the Faithful

Loving God, creator of the Universe, you know every creature and its needs.  With great trust we offer our petitions in the name of all creation.

Our response is: God, you who love all life, hear us!

  • That the Churches and ecclesial communities may respond to the signs of the times expressed in the cry of nature, wounded by humankind’s inability to recognize its vocation to be the custodian of all that exists, let us pray.
  • That international organizations may speak out strongly against the exploitation of the resources so generously offered by Mother Earth, and for those many brothers and sisters who live in need due to waste and abuse on the part of individuals and nations, let us pray.
  • That those involved in political life, and every citizen as well, may grow in the awareness that any behavior that does not respect the environment damages human coexistence and undermines the foundations of peace, let us pray.
  • That those who believe in God may promote in their own religious traditions a spirituality and praxis that is consistent with a recognition of the goodness of creation, thus contributing to the growth of a world of love, justice and peace where all living things praise the Creator, we pray.
  • That young people may be inspired by the example of Saint Francis to make mature lifestyle choices that are selfless and sustainable, promote the care and safeguarding of ecosystems, guarantee access to all basic resources, and encourage practices that respect the fundamental rights of the human person and of every creature, let us pray.
  • That we who participate in this Eucharist, offering God the gifts that earth has given and human hands have made, may be ready and willing to respond to God’s word that calls us to be prophets of a creation made new in the Passover of Jesus, let us pray.

O gracious God, giver of all that is good,
we bless you for having given us life to share with so many other creatures.
Through them and with them we praise you and ask that you continue
to pour out your Spirit upon the universe, and in it to show forth your glory.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.